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1052 Budapest Petőfi Sándor utca 11.



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Monday-Friday: 10-19
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About the gallery

A gallery that strays off from the beaten track and, whilst fully living up to its name, becomes moreover a forum where designers and artists can meet, where one is as proud of the objects displayed as the surroundings which show them off to their best advantage. Before going any further, a few words on the boundaries that define the nature of such a place. 
The gallery is to be found in the heart of Budapest on a street named Petöfi Sàndor, with a surface area of more than 200m2 spread over two floors. The premises are discreetly elegant – the interior architecture is the work of Veronica Szabo – ensuring that the pieces of furniture and all the other various objects are seen at their best for every occasion. Only natural materials are used, with the accent on waxed wood and aluminium.