Periodic Table of the Hungarians


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All the Hungarian people know that nothing can compare to Hungarian paprika, Hungarian goulash and Ferenc Puskás nickname Öcsi in the wide world. It is not far-fetched to consider that Hungarian was the second official language of Hollywood in former times; moreover, we should use a magnifying glass to find those Nobel Prize winners, who were not born in Hungary. The main aim of our publication is to introduce the remarkable scientific , cultural and geographical past and present of Hungary to all the Hungarian and foreign readers in a unique and entertaining way. why have we chosen the elements from Mendeleev’s periodic table for it? At first, it was only a game. We wanted to show it for ourselves that the abbreviations of the elements in the periodic table can be easily connected to a certain hungaricum; moreover, it entertains and teaches at the same time.We accomplished the task and this book is the evidence. Read it with pleasure – both Hungarians and foreigners.

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